3 Vietnamese Coffee Drink Recipes To Try Today

Vietnamese Coffee Recipes

Vietnamese Coffee Drink Recipes: Taking morning coffee (ca phe soon) has become a local habit in Vietnam; with variations that use eggs, yogurt and some fruits; the coffee in Vietnam has its own style. The coffee plantations are built in such a way that they produce a high yield of coffee within the shortest time possible.

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How Coffee Started In Vietnam

Since the early 20th century, coffee production has been a main source of income for Vietnam. Vietnamese coffee was first introduced in 1857 by the French, and since then, the coffee industry has grown through the plantation method, becoming a strong economic force in the nation. Even though the Vietnam War limited the production, it rose again after some economic reforms, getting to about 900,000 tons in 2000, and by 2009, it got to 1.13 million tons.

3 Coffee Recipes From Vietnam You Can Try Today

The coffee drink in Vietnam is common for being potently strong and having a good sugar kick in sweet condensed milk. Here are the recipes for 3 common coffee drinks in Vietnam:

1. Ca Phe Sua Nong / da (Vietnamese milk coffee iced/hot):

Equipment and ingredients needed:

  1. Single-cup coffee filter (phin).
  2. Milk and sugar.
  3. Robusta coffee (either Café du Monde or Trung Nguyen).
  4. Cup of water.
  5. A small glass cup

To make this drink, you must fill the filter with coarse coffee grains on top of a cup, and fill the cup with some condensed milk. In Vietnam, they say that some brands of condensed milk give better taste than other brands.

To get the best flavor, ensure the condensed milk has only milk and sugar. As the coffee drips slowly into the cup, it mixes gradually with the condensed milk. The sweetness of the milk can balance the harsh bitter taste.

After it is made, the coffee is served in a little glass cup. If you were hoping to get served in a big cup on an oversized coffee table, you might end up being disappointed. This kind of coffee is found all over Vietnam, and when you try it, you’re senses are mostly likely going to delighted.

2. Vietnamese Egg Coffee (Ca Phe Trung):

Equipment and ingredients needed:

  1. Vietnamese style coffee filter.
  2. Eggs.
  3. Cup of ice for iced coffee.
  4. Condensed milk.
  5. Coffee grains.

The idea of having eggs with coffee might seem scary at first, but once you give this a try, you’ll realise how tasty and delicious it actually is. This coffee is made basically by whipping yolks of raw eggs with sweet condensed milk.

The creamy concoction is placed on top of the strong Vietnam coffee to drip. The topping looks more like a naughty dessert, and it tastes like Cadbury Crème Eggs or a liquid Tiramisu. This drink is found mostly in the northern part of Vietnam.

You can have this coffee either hot or cold, and you can decide to use chocolate instead of Ca Phe Trung Cacao – which is also delicious.

3. Bac Xiu:

Equipment and ingredients needed:

  1. Teaspoons of dark roast coffee grains.
  2. Coconut for flavouring.
  3. Sweetened condensed milk.
  4. A glass of ice for iced coffee.
  5. Vietnamese coffee filter.
  6. Tablespoons of dark roast coffee.

This is a concoction of coffee, coconut and condensed milk. It is made in a similar style as the other coffees, but, coconut milk is added to the mixture. The Bac Xiu is less sweet, however, it is filled with coconut flavors. This coffee can be taken either as iced coffee or as a coconut coffee Hanoi smoothie.


Coffee production in Vietnam has been a bog deal since the 20th century. With these simple recipes you can begin making Vietnamese coffee in your own home.

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